Performance Optimization

Consumers are driven by a desire to maximize a variety of satisfaction related goals – savings, quantity, quality, time, value, etc. Companies generally are driven to maximize profit. How do you simultaneously optimize two or more conflicting objectives? How do you maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing activities to optimize the marketing ROI? Align your marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with your business goals through the use of data, metrics, and analytics.   

Loyalty Optimization
Is your loyalty program really driving loyalty? What makes your customers loyal? Can you tell the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer? We measure those factors and optimize your approach to build long term relationships with your customers. 

Merchandising / Product / Pricing Optimization
Why put products in a store that do not sell? Nobody wants that that to happen, but many time it does. We help you make that a thing of the past. Sometimes it’s the mix and sometimes it’s the mix at the right price.  Which SKUs at what price? We do that.

Media Mix and Channel Optimization
Given all the money you spend on marketing efforts with your customers, do you really know if each program works or is it the mass combination that works? If one thing was working and all the others were a waste of money, would you still spend that money? Probably not, but many time it is hard to determine what really is driving the sales. We show you what works and how much of it you need to gain the most business in the short and long run. If you are spending large sums on media and other marketing, you need to find out if it is optimal.  We typically can save big bucks.


Predictive Analytics
Performance Optimization
Market and Location Analytics