Data Optimization

Bad Data . . . bad analysis, bad decisions, bad marketing.
Marketing Performance Optimization starts with a strong data foundation. Today’s data-intensive marketers need all marketing-related data in a single easy to use database solution. For over 20 years InterDirect has specialized in the rapid integration of disparate, complex, siloed data into the flexible, up-to-date information necessary to serve the unique needs of each client.

The information you need for the results you demand.
First, our data services team utilizes battle tested processes and rules that quickly collect, clean, enhance, integrate and optimize your data to fit your particular needs – from highly predictive models to robust BI to in-market customer engagement. Then our SourcePoint® Intelligent Marketing Platform delivers simple, easy access to your data – your customers, prospects, transaction detail, clickstream, loyalty, store performance, geography, marketing campaigns and practically any other information you want. The intuitive interface of SourcePoint® puts that data at your fingertips along with the dashboards, custom analytics and rules-based marketing that you need. You can report on transaction information, create geo-demographic maps, select target lists, execute campaigns, . . . from any web-accessible location.

Better, faster, cheaper.  You can get all three.
Simply put, our unique experience has allowed us to develop a user friendly marketing resource that is robust, scalable, quick to rollout and easily modified as your business changes. Imagine access, analytics and an embedded customer engagement engine – all possible through a customized marketing database – for less than the competition and for less than you can do it yourself.

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Data Optimization

Data Optimization

Regardless of the present state of your data, we bring order to chaos – and we've got the track record to prove it.  Whether you're starting from scratch or you're heavily invested in an underperforming system, let our experts show you how to get information you want for the results you need.