Market and Location Analytics

Your customer and your location go hand in hand.  At one time location analytics was simply traffic counts and general demographics.  We put our energy into understanding and quantifying your unique trade areas’ needs and how much demand exists for your products and services relative to your competition. Our MarketFocus™ program delivers site analysis, revenue forecasting, cannibalization estimation, and in-depth market analysis to help maximize your growth through store expansion.  All of your site location information can be embedded in our web-based technology, which will put your data – including state of the art mapping – at your fingertips.

MarketFocus™ provides the clear perspective you need for successful site expansion.  The in-depth process will guide your site selection for maximum profits and includes:

Site Forecasting Models
• Forecast the revenue of prospective locations
• Develop site criteria for potential sites
• Determine why existing sites under-performing

Market Planning and Analysis
• Prioritize your expansion strategy geographically
• Develop an expansion plan by market
• Determine how many stores a market can support
• Pinpoint the best possible locations within a market
• Avoid cannibalizing sales from existing or planned sites


Predictive Analytics
Performance Optimization
Market and Location Analytics