Analytics is the science of turning your customer data into insight, leveraging those insights to predict future outcomes, and ultimately optimizing performance through fact-supported decisions and actions. Investigative and Predictive Analytics can help you out strategize, out market and outperform your competition.

Our seasoned experts use a variety of proven and proprietary methods to generate the knowledge and insight you need to build marketing programs that optimize performance across the marketing spectrum so you know the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why that are critical to any high performace organization.

Who? What?
Investigative and Predictive Analytics
Customer Segmentation
Customer Acquisition
Customer/Prospect Value
Customer Retention
Marketing Communications Testing
Product Demand
Product Bundling
Sales Forecasting

When? How?
Performance Optimization
Loyalty Optimization
Merchandising/Product Mix
Pricing Optimization
Media Mix and Channel Optimization

Store Location Analytics
Store Location/Site Modeling
Sales Forecasting
Trade Zone Measurement
Cannibalization Measurement

Methodologies and Techniques Utilized

Logistic Regression, Regression, K-means Clustering, Survival Analysis, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Exploratory Data Analysis, Time Series Methods, Tree Modeling, Linear Programming and Integer Programming, and others.